2023 and the Storefront

2023 and the Storefront

Hey friend!

Time to get personal, Let's face it, things have been hard and I am not the person to try to sugar coat things.  With rising costs of EVERYTHING, it has me really thinking of the future 'brick and mortar' concept. I am to the point of we need to raise our prices, and I hate that, I don't want people to have to choose in a moment of happiness and food on the table.  So for you, me, and everyone involved we have decided as a family to not move forward with extending our lease in April 2023 so we can keep our costs down and continue to flourish!  

So what does this mean?  We still have the full month of December and some time to parrr--tay like normal in the store with structured hours and events :)  Starting in January, I was already planning on restricted weekday hours which we will go forward with as I start moving items and displays back to the house.  We plan to be in through April but if another tenant wants to move in early we will allow them to grow and get started moved quicker. Our neighbors are AWESOME so we have to share, lol!

How will we get to see each other?

  • Online always 24/7- I will extend our porch drops from 10 miles to 20 miles and have FREE order pickups at my home (scheduled) off of NW 5th Street/Santa Fe in Moore as well as my full time other gig off N May and NW Expressway, Shipping is available as well :)
  • You can continue to find our stocked items at:
    • Glamoore Salon and Boutique (Moore, SW1st & Broadway)
    • Southern Blossom Boutique (Chickasha, OK)
    • American Hearing Aid Center (NW OKC, my other full time gig)
    • possibly other stocked locations?!? We have several Oklahoma Boutiques that carry our bath bombs already!
  • Social websites: Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok :) and email/blogs!
  • Events:  Well we planned to do it bigger in 2023 anyway so we will still keep our monthly calendars up so you know where to find us.
  • Our Home:  It might be covered all in bath bomb dust, but we plan to have a shopping area for popups to to still enjoy some yummy coffee or tea!
  • Mobile Birthdays will still be an awesome option too!!!!

As always, we are here for you. Our goal is to keep growing and bringing you quality products at great prices.  We know you have a choice when it comes to where you purchase your bath and body items, and we appreciate you including us in the mix! We look forward to bringing you lots of fun creative NEW items as well.

Wishing you the most wonderful Holiday Season!  

Much Love, 

Tamara, Davon, & Jacoby Hill

And all the AWESOME people behind the scenes, that lets be frank, we couldn't do it without our VILLAGE!


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