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Boy Mom Vibes

Lavender Diva 30mL

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Slightly lighter in color than traditional French Lavender and with a sweet floral and slightly herbaceous scent, Lavender Diva is the newest clonal variety of the well-known Lavender in France. The Lavender plants are made by grafting and replanting small seedings, which is very common with Lavender. Lavender Diva was selected for its disease-resistant properties, which once distilled, is why the constituents are slightly different from traditional Lavender. Lavender Diva Essential Oil is sweeter and slightly less herbaceous than Lavender, but you can use it as you would any Lavender Essential Oil - to soothe the skin and promote relaxation and sleep. But don't forget to add it to your favorite natural body products for a lovely Lavender scent in a new way.