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Zodica Perfumery

Zodiac perfume infused items

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** As Seen On QVC, Allure, Marie Claire ** Finding a signature scent that vibes with you, and doesn't trigger allergies or headaches can be frustrating. Founder Kristi Moe is taking the guesswork out of it and making it a fun experience. Her 3-year-long development process resulted in people preferring their sign's perfume 80% of the time. How magical! The zodiac perfumes evoke a vibe reminiscent of each astrological sign. Her process combined several principles including aromatherapy and seasonal ingredients to reflect the sign’s personality and season in which they’re born. Wear your sign or the sign you wish to attract!
1.5mL: The cards include an intention mantra on the back and can be sprayed with perfume and used as a scented sachet. Each mini perfume contains 25-30 sprays. Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Paraben-Free. No Toxic Chemicals.
8mL*; The Zodica Perfumery Zodiac Travel Spray Twist & Spritz is the perfect gift for all the starlets in your world. The black gift box includes a refillable travel perfume containing 150 sprays, a ribbon and charm with the zodiac symbol and name that can be worn as a choker necklace, and an Intention Card with ScentScope for a magically mindful experience.
50mL:* Crystal infused used through the ages for its bright and cheerful energy. The sprayer is removable so you may refill the travel size and eventually remove the stones to use in meditation 100% Vegan + Paraben-Free 925 Sprays.
*8mL and 50mL may take longer to ship.

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Jane Wenk
Love this Hair Surem

I was told about this and I have just started to use it! I didn’t get my sigh because I fell in love with a different one!! All of the sents smell great! Try one when you can, makes my hair smell so nice!!

James Hicks
Shop Local

They products, price and service are well worth using!