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Black Rose Salt Soak

Black Rose Salt Soak

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Enjoy a custom blend of salts and botanicals blended for the perfect bath time.  Use a few tablespoons to a cup per bath- your choice! Potential slip hazard.  Add in a cheesecloth or muslin bag for easy cleanup. 13 oz 

This blend contains:

Rosewater & Sandalwood oil, vitamin e oil, poly 80, as well as activated charcoal.

Dead Sea salt, black lava salt, dendritic salt (absorption), and Himalayan salt.  Botanicals include lavender,  chamomile,  rose,  hibiscus,  citrus peel, and rosemary.   

This could potentially leave some temporary stains due to the charcoal.  I have added poly 80 to help prevent this please rinse entirely of soak out of the bath.   

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