What's Boy Mom Vibes?

I am boy-mom creating positive vibes with self-pampering goodies. I started with handmade items like bath bombs, body butter, scrubs and have grown to over 100+ products and continue to bring you new and fun items with quality ingredients.. Our mission is to do all those DIY’s you want in your life but you never have time to do!

We have recently moved from our brick and mortar store, back to our home (with shopping by appointments), in order to create a better overall family and work life balance.  We are taking this growth opportunity to bring you some amazing new products and new ideas to our product line.

We have our items also in local boutiques and you can find us at many events around Oklahoma (and beyond in 2023). We do remote bath bomb & DIY birthday parties, small events, and more! Contact us at boymomvibes@gmail.com for all booking information.

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  • Lump of coal bath bomb

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    Lump of coal bath bombLump of coal bath bomb
    Sold out
  • Semi-colon bath bomb

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    Semi-colon bath bomb
  • Dinosaur Dust

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    Dinosaur DustDinosaur Dust
  • Science Set

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    Science SetScience Set
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