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Sleep Gift Set

Sleep Gift Set

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Inhaler, rollerball, and personality selected palm stone for body and soul healing.   

Sweet Slumber Essential Oil Blend was formulated for kids as another option for those unable to use Lavender. This blend uses essential oils that are calming, soothing, and sedating, a perfect combination to get your little ones ready for a good night of sleep. The scent is pleasant, gentle, and sure to help one snooze. Although this synergy is KidSafe, you can be sure that it will still be effective for adults as well. Sweet Slumber Essential Oil Blend mixes Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Sweet Orange, Roman Chamomile, and Vetiver to make for a relaxing night's rest. Safe for the whole family, Sweet Slumber is a wonderful blend to help quiet one’s mind and relax the body. Cedarwood is soothing and calming. Ho Wood is comprised of predominantly one constituent, linalool, which is known for its relaxing, sedative qualities. Sweet Orange is uplifting, yet calming. Roman Chamomile is great for reducing worry and for decompressing the body and mind. And Vetiver is popular for its smokey, woodsy scent and its ability to quiet busy thoughts and nervousness. Together these oils will ensure that your family will get the sweet slumber you deserve each night. 

👉Inhaler: take a deep breathe in, hold, and out.

👉Rollerball: best applied on chest, wrist, and/or bottom of your feet

👉Carry your Rose Quartz the with you: best skin to skin, a great palm stone, meditation piece, beneath your pillow, or focus to help you relax♡ 

Soft shades of pink and a promise of simple joy come wrapped up in the healing heart energy of the lovely Rose Quartz This stone oozes gentleness and instantly puts your body, mind, and soul at rest. Rose Quartz is known for being one of the most radiant heart healers, meaning it can stitch up old wounds, cut through dark and anxious thoughts and open your heart to love, trust, and effortless self-care. Keep Rose Quartz close by, and you may find the soft flow of sleep replaces those ruminating night-time routine.


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